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Body slim bratislava, "slightly wider" in italiano

Winner with Diablo of Juste Debout Sho Tyme!


Wanted Posse e Serial Stepperz. It Makes no sense to list his qualities. Ya Know The Name!!!

body slim bratislava

We have Followed Her Career since Day 1. Flow, Elegance, Technique and femininity are her best features! Fresh, Creative, Huge Technical Background. Slim Boogie Style! Ibuki will Teach and Judge at The Week for the second year in a row.


At The Week Archie Burnett. Hands Down!

body slim bratislava

Sensuality, Technique, Elegance Rada is a passionate dancer and teacher who will lead you in a next dance level. Let you Drive By Rada. Enjoy the Journey.

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A Special Gift for The Week ! Creativity, Innovation, Style. Made in Paris.

body slim bratislava

As Much a Warrior as a PartyBoy, through knowledge, style and victories he has carved out his spot in the Gotha of the international NewStyle Hustle movement. We are Proud that will be The Week to host the closure of this Season of tour, that brought Mike All all over italy from october with the first NSH training course in italy!

Graziano Boggiani has a past as professional Latin-Caribbean Dancer that achieved the finalist spot in Every competition National and international from the year until today.

"slightly wider" in italiano

Coreographer, Examiner, Contest Director and last but not least: He is the man that contributed and and took part in the drawing up of the latin-caribbean dances books utilized by Federations for the training of dance teachers all over the world. NYC native Jeff Selby is reknown throughout the worldwide dance scene not only for being one of the original house dancers but especially for being the creator and founder of NewStyle Hustle. Through his dance, he has body slim bratislava partner dancing back in the clubs and inspired thousands of young dancers to dance together.

HOW TO BE SKINNY ~from a skinny person~

Sésé is not only a dancer. Body slim bratislava involved! A Great Artist, a Special Woman.

body slim bratislava

She is well known for her Flava, Funkiness and Musicality! Nasty Den is an Alternative B. Iva: Questo sito utilizza i cookie per migliorare l'esperienza di navigazione.

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