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    Although, in many economics books, is often marginally presented and considered by only one point of view.

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    In this way, many students have a fragmented and incomplete knowledge of the subject, which doesn't allow using all the potentialities of this fundamental corporate resource. The thesis gives just a little contribution to find the fragment of theory dispersed in many field of business studies.

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    The first step was exactly finding these fragments in: strategy, organization, quality, business administration, and business management. Analysed the different definitions and all the various notions to follow up with the speech, is described the impact of I. The point of view adopted has been always the Informative System.

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    Using a different approach, the thesis analysed the various business field related with the informative system. The key word of this thesis is: Change.

    Change is the business structures, strategy, quality, and in the qualifications required by the personal. Following this path, the thesis focuses opportunities offered by new technologies, in many companies during the definition of business strategy. In this second part is studied a business case, ENEA.

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    ENEA is the national department for new technologies and environment. By on-site work, meetings with the personal, reading of the internal documents, and by all the studies done in the first part, are appeared some issues exploiting the Informative System.

    Dential turismo dentale in Albania La nostra clinica dentale di Durazzo si occupa di cure odontoiatriche con pazienti prevalentemente italiani. Ti interessa leggere informazioni sui dentisti in Albania su un forum legato al turismo dentale?

    Are also considered some possible solutions to these issues, they are conform to the theory and law, and easy to realize. The research ends with tree interesting appendix, two about some ENEA's projects and one about hosting and housing.

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    Proprio per questa caratteristica di relativa novita', molto spesso nei libri aziendali viene posto.