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Abstract: In the past few years transthoracic ultrasound has been recognized as an important tool for chest physicians. At present, ultrasound devices are practical, portable, easy to use and reliable, which makes them suited for diagnostic investigations as well as for therapeutic procedures guidance.


Basic ultrasound technical expertise is required to assess pleural effusions and perform ultrasound-guided thoracentesis. More complex procedures can be done with specific training and include assistance to chest drain insertion and identification with potential biopsy of thoracic lesions. The authors aim to review, in a practical approach, the technique and recent developments in this field.

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Clinical cases are presented in order to illustrate and guide the beginner in chest ultrasound. Dipartimento di Pediatria Purpose: To determine the usefulness of abdominal sonography in inherited diseases of carbohydrate metabolism.

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Materials and methods: Thirty patients age range, 4 months to 27 years with glycogen storage diseases, galactosemia, disorders of fructose metabolism were studied with sonography.

Echogenicity of the liver, sonographic dimensions of liver, kidneys and spleen were evaluated.

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Patients with galactosemia did not show increased liver echogenicity. Subjects with increased hepatic echogenicity exhibited higher plasma concentrations of any blood parameter than the others with normal echogenicity p ecografia addominale nelle malattie ereditarie del metabolismo dei carboidrati.

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Materiale e metodi: Di 30 pazienti eta' compresa tra 4 mesi e 27 eveline fat burner krema cenaaffetti da malattie di accumulo di glicogeno glicogenosigalattosemia, disordini del metabolismo del fruttosio, sono stati valutati tramite ecografia l'ecogenicita' epatica e le dimensioni ecografiche di fegato, reni e milza.