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Where are you from? This is my first time doing an interview and I am honored to speak with your publication.

Regarding your first question, I am from Sibiu, Romania. Q: How old are you and which are your stats now weights in and offseason? Currently I am 23 years old. During offseason I weigh Kg, and now, 2 weeks until the competition I weigh around 92 Kg. Q: When you started to do body building and why?

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I started weightlifting in February to do to stay fit after disappointing career in local junior basketball team. I started competitive body building in when I realized my true passion for this sport. Q: How long do you train?

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And how do you train? In my offseason training I go to the gym at least 6 times per week, and in my competition training I tend to go even more frequently. I usually train for about hours per day, depending on my routine and the competition season.

What are your preferred supplements and what you like to eat before you go to the gym?

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My preferred meal before I go to the gym is lean beef and brown rice. Adding some healthy fat or simple sugars is an option depending on which period of the season I am at. Regarding supplements I use Beta alamine, Citruline, Arginine and before the contest I also use some fat burners.

Q: What do you think the biggest mistake people make when it comes to train?

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And when try to begin to follow a bodybuilding lifestyle? In my opinion the number one mistake people make is the lack of diversity on training techniques.

Regarding your second question, I believe that people should keep a balance between bodybuilding lifestyle and the joe weider victory bruciagrassi recensione life. Q: Your shoulders and arms incredibly huge, how do you train?

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Both are genetically gifted body parts, which responded well from the beginning of my training. Like I said before, I use allot of techniques with different intensities around the main movements.

Constantly changing my routine worked really well in developing this small muscle groups.

Weider Prime is one supplement that men greatly benefit from incorporating into their daily routines. For every Weider admirer there was a Weider detractor, de son nom complet Josef Edwin Weider, el culturismo. Populariz las maquinarias y pesas que hoy en d a Joe Weider's Ultimate Bodybuilding. Joe Weider este un pionier n domeniul fitnessului i i folose te cuno tin ele pentru a ajuta oamenii din ntreaga lume pentru a duce o via s n toas i fericit. Joe Weider.

Q: Can you tell us about your diet, supplements routine? And how much the right nutrition is really important for you, for build muscles?

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For me the right nutrition is very important, and this is more and more obvious to me as I am progressing in my career. My diet has few protein sources like chicken, beef, fish and egg whites and few carbs sources like oats, brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Regarding supplements I think you must complete your daily protein intake with some protein powders. In my opinion fish oil is also very important for low fat diets like mine. Q: On YouTube we can see you continue to grow and improve yourself from last time we see you on stage, but what are you focusing on your growth now?

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Right now I am focusing on growing my overall mass, but in the same time keeping balance and symmetry between upper body and lower body. My other focus is developing my weak body parts. Q: How much different is your life by the teen of the same age? In the offseason period my life is not so much different from the life of my friends. Sometimes I am trying to detach from the bodybuilding lifestyle by having diverse activities like going out to clubs, visiting places, having some drinks and few cheat meals.

Q: How important it is for a bodybuilder to have a sponsor today? You think is possible to do this sport without one?


Nowadays I believe a sponsor is quite important for a bodybuilder. To be a good amateur bodybuilder and to fight for a pro card this requires the help of a serious sponsor. Q: Do you believe … that bodybuilding has helped you into your life?

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And you think the bodybuilding can help the man giving much more confidence, determination…? I do believe the bodybuilding has helped me. I am satisfied at this point in my life but I am still striving for more.

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Honestly I never thought I would get to this level and I am still surprised on how my body still reacts. Q: What is the bodybuilding, for you? For me bodybuilding joe weider victory bruciagrassi recensione more than a sport, it is an art, it is for people which are mentally strong and disciplined.

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Q: What is your advice for the younger bodybuilder who looks up to you? My advice for such a young bodybuilder is to filter the valuable information from other people and make smart decisions at his own. Q: When you will back on stage?