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The coated sample was held substrate.

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PLC was applied to steel sheet and a crossha- the coated SAE stainless steel sheet as it can only be in between the mandrel and drawbar. Accordingly, we can infer that the increased proportion of polyceramic resin adds more flexibility to the coating.

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Pressure-sensitive tape was applied over the crosshatch cut and then the tape was smoothed into place over the area of the incisions. According to the test result, a 5B adhesion rating was obtained for the coating. A corrosion-resistance test is used to measure meter Pencil Hardness Tester to determine the hard- the metal substrate and the environment.

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The damaged co- formed on the SAE stainless steel sheet with an Elco- ness of the coating materials. In order to carry out this test, graphite pencils of different hardness were moved in a cer- tain direction.

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Scratches of at least 6. The pencil tip was polished before each test in order to provide a smooth chip-free surface [75].

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Coating hardness relative to the graphite pencils is determined by the softest pencil that will leave a scratch on the surface of the coating [49]. According to the test, an 8H pencil hardness value was obtained for the coating. The main function of corrosion-resistant coatings is to cre- ate a barrier between the surface metal and a corrosive en- La Metallurgia Italiana - June the ability of a protective coating to act as a barrier between atings are evaluated by physical appearance surface mor- phology, pitting and chemical deposited products, and pits [76].

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The test showed that there was no blister formation or flaking of the coating on the PLC surface, even for time periods longer than h.

This result was an indication of the interaction between hydroxyl groups on the metal surface and the polyceramic robin kassner perdita di peso, which increases the adhesion of the coating with the metal surface and prevents the diffusion of Cl- ions into the coating to increase the ionic resistance. In line with this result, it is believed that robin kassner perdita di peso physical, chemical and me- chanical properties of polyceramic coatings on different substrates can be improved in future studies.

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Robin kassner perdita di peso

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