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I thoroughly it in my lunch time. Will surely come and visit this blog more often. Thanks for sharing. In some project, they can be working so hard.

That's the risk if they got a deadline for the job. The blade is more than a quarter inch thick for virtually the entire length of the blade. The blade is monotempered steel, and is not Damascus folded steel as is traditional with this type of sword, but nonetheless this is a quality weapon for the consumer that is not able to purchase a more authentic katana. This sword was bought to give away to the winner of the Kumite that I host each year.

I know the blade passed the paper test, the sword is well balanced and it is a very nice looking sword. The winner will probably hang it.

Very good product for the price. Came sharpened and with cleaning kit. Definitely worth it!!!!!!

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Other than those minor problems i love this sword a lot. The weight is very good distributed. Well balanced and constructed. I bought it used and have no complaints. Cold Steel makes good stuff, if only it was made in the USA it would be better. Lighter and a better blade or so, will cost a lot more, but this fits well.

Was like a knife through butter to a cardboard box and didnt knock it over. Even had my slightly upward curve of my swing. I love it! Well packaged. I purchased this klinik kecantikan dimagrante di jakarta a gift for a student.

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The blade is solid and sharp - the quality it apparent. The blade is tight very tight in the saya scabbard.

The katana itself is very well balanced. I am very pleased with the quality I will not be playing "warrior" with it so the shortcomings in hacking water bottles and buses do not apply. I had some slight difficulty removing the mekugi closest the tsuba but other than that the Katana came apart cleanly for inspection and cleaning. It has a simple yet beautiful design and the quality of the blade itself is fantastic for the price that I got it for.

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The sheath is made of a strong wood and the handle's design in elegant yet simple. I would recommend this sword for anyone who is looking for a blade not just for decoration but to fend of trespassers.

This sword is a true masterpiece of a samurai sword.

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Ryumon you really can't go wrong with. Solid construction, no loose parts, sharp, no scratches or nicks. The sword itself is beautiful. They did all the customization I wanted, and got here a week earlier then stated.

Overall great experience with buyer, and I am more than happy with this product. The people who made it certainly knew what they were doing and I am amazed it is offered at such an affordable price. Very nice and well balanced. It has a decent edge and does the paper slicing thing well.

Could be sharper but in a self defense situation, it would cut my attacker with ease! Glad I purchased.

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The coloring is beautiful and it came oiled with a plastic covering to protect the blade during shipping. I would have given it a full five stars, but the sheathe does not actually fit the blade, so the Katana knocks against the wood when it's sheathed, unlike the Mashiro that I bought earlier.

Still a beautiful and sharp sword, just disappointed in the ill fit. Was shipped faster then I expected it to be. Very happy and will be buying more later.

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It's a breathtaking piece of beauty and I am now a proud owner of 2 swords made by Handmade sword company. So when i saw it online i thought i should gave it a review. You really can't beat the value at this low price, good choice for a gift to someone like it much. Hope it helps! The design is very clever and a great addition to any sword collection!

Cold Steel is outstanding!! My 19 year old son accidently sliced his leg for 9 stitches without even swinging the sword. Be careful and make sure you have medical insurance. It is pure awesomeness!! No its not a sharp sword but its heavy and real steal meaning it can do serious damage with mild force. The detailing is amazing and the ray skin is legit. Im ready for the Zombies. Could this be possible? It looked good and I had a good intuition about it so I took a chance and ordered it.

Am I ever glad I did. The blade is almost full tang and well secured with two pins.

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The blade is well designed with a nice long fuller and comes semi-sharp. It took little time, however, to get it sharp enough to cut hairs. I have not done any Tameshigiri with it yet but have full confidence. Not razor sharp, but probably the best buy in it's price range.

I've bought several Cold Steel products they are all extremely well made. In a word: beautiful! This sword is far more than its price suggests it will be. I use it for Tai Chi Sword training. It's heft and balance ire spot on. I am a happy customer.

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Great quality item, definitely worth the money. Had a very small rust spot. Not a big deal.

It came off with 1, grit. Almost with the 3, grit Japanese Whetstone. Very happy for the price. Very sturdy, and thick. Got some weight to it as well. Girls would have a hard time if they are not strong enough.

Especially if they try and use it. I give it 4. Must own, if you can. Beautiful piece of work. Durable, looks nice, and well made. It also feels good in the hand. Very nice quality. Great price for klinik kecantikan dimagrante di jakarta high quality product served up with solid customer service. I ordered the katana and the next day contacted Ryan through Amazon wondering if it would be possible to customize a few parts. It took a few days for a reply but they were very courteous and eager klinik kecantikan dimagrante di jakarta please.

Not only would they substitute the requested parts but did so with no extra charges and even e-mailed photos for approval before shipping. It came well packaged and in perfect shape.

The katana is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful hamon from the clay tempering on the folded high carbon polished blade. Solid construction and more than sufficiently sharp to start in on practice targets out of the box.

Great balance and feel. Overall it was a pleasure to both work with the company and enjoy the fine product. I'm more than certain I'll be doing business with Ryan again. I own a few swords, this one however is my favorite. Great sword for the price, the swordsmith left his name and markings on the tang, it cam with a certificate of authenticity and also the way it was made.

Looks good, haven't used it yet.

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Arrived on time. Sharp right out of the box. Sturdy and heavy. Satisfied customer. The sword showed up on time and is on display on top of my dresser in my room. I am a fist time sword owner here and would like to start off by saying one thing first, This sword is gorgeous to look at. I have not taken it out of the wooden sheath though and use it for display purposes only.

But I am sure the blade is beautiful as well, and very sharp. Looks good and the price is not bad. Blade needs to have a better edge put on it but it will do for now. If one is looking good back yard cutting blade this is it. Received today, very nice sword.

This came with some very sharp edges from the casting. I had to shave those off to make it feel right. This is too light for my taste, as I train with it and the o-bokken at the same time.